‘The Woman King Will Be Released In All Cinema Halls Of India on 16 September 2022.

The Woman King trailer: Female African warriors fight fiercely to defend the Dahomey kingdom

‘The Woman King’ trailer

The trailer for “The Woman King” dropped on YouTube on Thursday (July 7) and it’s everything we could ask for in a historical epic that includes real female characters at the forefront of history and some thrilling action. The film’s trailer gives a glimpse of an all-female unit of warriors who defended the African kingdom of Dahomey in the 1800s with prowess and a ferocity unlike anything else in the world.

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Emotionally following epic journey

“The Woman King” inspired by true events and follows the emotionally epic journey of General Naniska (Viola Davis) as she fights enemies determined to violate her honor to the King and destroy her way of life. inspires. Some things are worth fighting for.

Oscar in Viola Davis starrer

A stellar cast includes Golden Globe and Emmy Award winning actor Viola, as well as Intl Emmy Award winner Thuso Mbedu, Captain Marvel fame Lashana Lynch, Star Wars fame John Boyega, Tony Award winner Adrienne Warren, The Batman (2022) fame Jayme Lawson and Harry Potter fame hero Fiennes Tiffin

The beginning of the trailer shows the kingdom of Dahomey being attacked by enemies.

Residents are concerned that the independence of our Kingdom is at risk. After this, the captain of the women’s brigade, Naniska appears in a sharp tone and thinks that we have a weapon for which the enemy is not ready. Naniska seems to say that the whole of Europe is trying to conquer Africa. He will not stop until the whole of Africa belongs to him. We have to fight them. For your people, for your empire. Naniska is asked the question are you asking for war? To this she says, ‘Something like this…’. Naniska is seen saying – ‘Trend Hard, Fide Harder’. Along with this, she also seen raising slogans like ‘Do or Die’. After this the preparation of the entire women’s brigade begins. Along with this goes an emotional journey. This trailer will arouse interest in the film.

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