The Video That Touched The Wrong Place To Nora Fatehe Had Made Tehelka On Social Media

The video that touched the wrong place to Nora Fatehe had made Tehelka on social media. This video was in a lot of discussion.

Hunting of Oops Moment

There is often something like actresses that they become victims of Oops Moment. Many times, they have to face them due to the moment dress, so many times their video comes in the discussion due to the wrong place in the shows. Something like Nora Fatehi (Nora Fatehi) has also been done. A long time ago Nora Fateh went to a reality show, where he touched a person in the wrong place. At that time, these video was very shadowed on social media.

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This Story of India’s Best Dancer

This event was done in the reality show ‘India’s Best Dancer’ (India’s Best Dancer) with Nora Fateh. At this show, there was something like this on stage that people had seen this video repeatedly. The incident touched the wrong place with the actress had happened on the stage of this reality show.

Terrence Was The Wrong Place of Louise

In the video you will see that Geeta Kapoor, Nora Fateh, and Terrence Louise Stage are seen. Geeta Kapoor is standing in front of the video, after that Nora Fateh and Terrence Louise in his little back side. These three are bowing down by adding a hand together. Meanwhile, Terrence Louise accidentally looks at the back of Nora. After which this video had set fire to social media.

Viral Video

Now this video of Nora is becoming very viral between the fans. People have also become crazy for their look. In such a situation, fans not tired of praising Nora. A user wrote for them, ‘Ha heat’. At the same time, another user wrote, ‘Kill will killed.’ While the second user said, ‘Every day is becoming sexy.

Nora Seen in This Movie

Talking about Nora’s work front, he seen in John Abraham (John Abraham) ‘Satyamev Jayate 2’. In this film he is just a song. Apart from this, Nora also looks like a judge in many music videos and in TV reality shows.

There Was Also Something Like Urvashi Routella

This is not the first time that Nora Fateh has faced such accidents. Apart from Nora, the video of Urvashi Routella was viral. Urvashi went to a party. In which there were Bonnie Kapoor next to him. By mistake, Boney Kapoor’s hand was on the back of Urvashi. These videos were also in the headlines at that time. However, the reaction of the actress came after this video.

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