The Stranger Things Cast Real Terror Was Best Compliment on Vecna

Barry Gower told Newsweek that the Duffer brothers intentionally made sure that cast Jamie Campbell didn’t meet Bower until they were out on the set of Stranger Things Season 4 as Vecna, so that their horror was real.

Campbell met Bower for the first time in his full body dress

Gower, who helped create the prosthetics for the villain with his team, said it was “the best compliment” to how intimidated the cast was when they first met Campbell Bower in his full-body costume. was built almost entirely with practical effects and took eight hours to put the pieces on Campbell Bower every day.

Campbell Bower’s Looks

Gower worked with Duncan Gerry and two others to bring Campbell Bower’s look to life every day, and featured actors such as Sadie Sink (who plays Max) and Natalia Dyer (who plays Nancy Wheeler). Only when they had to face Vecna ​​in their own right. The scene with him in the Upside Down.

Gower told Newsweek,

“There were some great reactions and I think creating this character, as a team, was almost the best compliment we could get.” “I think it was a deliberate thing for him, for the showrunners, for the cast [to] actually see Vecna ​​for the first time.

cast members also a little later

“So, for example, the first time I think Sadie saw Jamie’s makeup it was those scenes in the Mind Liar with all the red lights, and those reactions and the reactions that were within her were very real. Some of the other cast members are also a bit later, again, I think they’re likely using the first tape we shot with them because it was real terror in their eyes, [it] It was actually the first time they met him.

Characters created digitally in post production

“So it was great for us, it was great for Jamie, because he already knew he had this awesome presence and I think, again, it’s kind of a testament to the whole fact that [ The Duffer Brothers] wanted this practical presence on set so it would not have been a digitally created character in later post production.

Adding subtle movements to the vines and Jamie’s nose

“So while not necessarily in a green suit or with ping pong balls on her head it’s mainly practical, the makeup [is] adding some pretty, subtle movements from head to toe with visual effects on the vines and Jamie to get rid of the nose and play with your pupils and stuff a little bit.”

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