The Story of Beauty Mark Model Yale Cohen

The model claims that the doll maker has used her face without permission. Now their demand is that it should be taken back from the market.

The Story of Mark Model Yale Cohen

A robotics company has offered to give Rs 1.5 crore to people for allowing the use of a face. Under this, if your face is selected for applying the robot, then you will get this huge amount. But on the other hand, there has been a case of copying the face of a model for sex dolls.

model face on doll

According to the news of ‘Daily Star’, Yale Cohen, a model who worked in the Israel Defense Force, claims that. Her face has been used for sex dolls and she was not even allowed to do so. The model shared her full story on Instagram. The face of a sex doll exactly matches her. Seeing this, she is very embarrassed.

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model claim

The doll maker has used his face without permission. Now their demand is that it should be taken back from the market. While sharing the photo of a company named Doll Studio, the model told. This doll has not only been given my face and a special beauty mark but even my name has been given without permission.

Name and appearance copy

The model is quite angry with this move of the company. And he says that the sale of dolls should be stopped immediately. Along with this, he has also talked about taking legal advice in this matter. Giving more information about this, the model said that someone who knew me came to me and said that a sex doll that looks exactly like you is being sold in the market. His senses were blown away after knowing this, but earlier I thought that this must have happened due to misunderstanding.

Later, through a link, I myself saw a photo of a sex doll that looked exactly like me. The company has named this doll Yale and my face, even the lip texture has been copied on it. Despite all the legal advice, he has not been able to get success in stopping the sale of dolls so far. More than three years have passed since the launch of this doll.

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