The Son Became a Witness to the Seven Rounds of the Parents

New Delhi: Wedding of actress Pooja Banerjee Famous TV serial actress Pooja Banerjee has remarried. In April last year, due to the Corona period, Pooja had a court marriage with Kunal. But only the family members and close people attended that marriage. To fulfill their wish to get married with that pomp, now this couple has remarried in Goa on 15th November. Although the pictures of this wedding ceremony are still coming out through social media.

The marriage child of the actress also became a part of the procession.

The wedding of actress Pooja Banerjee attended by all her special friends. Many stars had also reached from the entertainment world to be a part of his happiness. But all the limelight robbed by the child who had come to attend the wedding of his parents. Yes, the one-year-old child of the actress who got married also became a part of the procession.

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Pooja Banerjee is definitely one of the biggest inspirations for us and that is why the actress is currently shooting for her ongoing show Kumkum Bhagya. Is expecting her first child. The actress, despite being a fitness enthusiast, broke stereotypes when it came to gaining weight to set an example for all working moms-to-be.

son also attendant’s wedding

In the pictures going viral, Pooja Banerjee and Kunal Verma seen very happy. Pooja seen posing beautifully with her husband Kunal in the wedding couple. Along with this, a garland can also seen around the neck of the couple. In a picture, this couple also seen wearing each other’s garlands. In the second picture, Pooja is kissing her son Krishiv and playing with him.

Being the first fitness enthusiast who ‘happily’ spoke openly about gaining weight

Post-pregnancy, Pooja revealed how she happily comfortable gaining weight and has no apprehensions about it. Whenever someone talks about pregnancy, the first thing that arises in the mind of women is the possibility of weight gain. But the way she has embraced it beautifully. It’s so beautiful to see her.

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