The Simple Nandini Of The Web Series Suzhal Is Quite Bold In Real Life

In the web series ‘Sujal’, the simple-looking girl Nandini i.e. Aishwarya Rajesh is quite bold and glamorous in the real life. Aishwarya is very active on social media, where she often shares her beautiful pictures with fans.

Aishwarya works in Telugu, Tamil, and films

Aishwarya Rajesh is a well-known name of South films. Recently she appeared in the web series ‘Suzhal’. His work in the series is being praised a lot. She has garnered a lot of accolades by playing the character of a simple girl ‘Nandini’ in Sujal. Aishwarya works in Telugu, Tamil, and films. Let us tell you that till now he has received 4 SIIMA Awards, one Filmfare, and one Tamil Nadu State Film Award.

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Aishwarya’s first film released in the year 2015

Aishwarya’s first film was released in the year 2015, was named Kaka Muttai. His father Rajesh was an actor in Telugu films and his mother a dancer. However, her father died when she was 8 years old. Aishwarya Rajesh had to struggle a lot in her life after her father’s death. However, he has achieved a lot today on the strength of his hard work. At the same time, Aishwarya remains very active on social media.

Aishwarya Rajesh has 2.1 Million Followers on Instagram

Aishwarya Rajesh has 2.1 million followers on Instagram. She is very bold and glamorous in real life. Fans also die on her beauty. Seeing her bold style, you will also be wondering whether this is the same simple ‘Nandini’ of the babe series ‘Sujal’? At the same time, Aishwarya started her career as a television presenter.

Aishwarya was 8 years old when her father passed away

Aishwarya Rajesh was born on 10 January 1990 in Chennai in a Telugu family. His father Rajesh was a Telugu film actor. When Aishwarya was 8 years old, her father passed away. His mother Nagmani is a dancer. His grandfather Amarnath was also an actor. She is the youngest of four siblings, two of whom died at an early age.

His first release in 2015 was Kaka Muttai

Due to the absence of a father, Aishwarya had to struggle a lot. He made a successful debut in films with his hard work. His first release in 2015 was Kaka Muttai. At the beginning of her career, she was hesitant to play the role of a mother. But because of the script, he did such a role. The role of a slum dweller and mother of two children was highly appreciated. The role was called one of the “100 Best Performances of the Decade”.

Aishwarya is very active on social media

Let us tell you that Nandini, seen in the role of a simple girl in the recent web series Suzhal, is very glamorous. She is very active on social media and keeps sharing her photos and videos with fans every day. Seeing her glamorous style, you will also be thinking for once that this is Suzhal’s Nandini.

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