The Rolling Stones Mick Jagger Saved Them From Losing Big Money

Legendary guitarist Joe Satriani recalled the early days of his career in his last appearance with Tone-Talk. Satriani described his financial difficulties during the tour to support his second album. Satriani also spoke about how everything changed when he decided to join Mick Jagger on his Japan tour.

Surfin’ With The Alien’s $8K Loss

According to his manager, Joe Satriani will lose $8K per week during his three-week tour of Surf’in with the Alien. That’s when things were going badly for Satriani. She auditioned to join Mike Jagger’s solo tour on the advice of an old friend, and everything changed. At the time, The Rolling Stones were having a tough time as well. Mick Jagger wanted to go on a separate project from the band but was discussing it with Keith Richards.

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Mick Jagger Releases his Second solo Album

In the process, Mick Jagger released his second solo album. Although the album lagged behind his first solo album commercially, it received positive reviews from the rock community and critics. Jagger toured Japan and Australia in support of the album. The setlist included several Rolling Stones songs, and Jagger hired Joe Satriani to play the parts of Keith Richards. In the end, Jagger did not join the tour to support the band’s 20th studio album, Dirty Work, and immediately turned to his own solo projects.

After the two met in Barbados

The tension between Mick Jagger and Keith Richards somehow ended after the two met in Barbados. Anyway, during his interview with Tone-Talk, Joe Satriani echoed this. How her tour with Mick Jagger changed things for her. “It’s actually quite a bit of fun,” recalls Satriani. “The last lesson I gave as a guitar teacher was to Kirk Hammett. We had a good laugh about how I was going to go out and play the instrument. And I didn’t know what to do, and he was busy making a record with Metallica as well.

Swung the Opening band Through my Rack

“So, I go on a three-week tour from. Stuart Haim bass, Jonathan Mover drums, myself. I think we started in San Diego, and we were playing 400-seaters, two sets a night, like that thing. By the end of the first week, my tour manager told me, that we’re going to lose about eight grands per week. And there’s no way around it. And I remember, I think it was in Boston at the time We just finished a gig where he swung the opening band through my rack and ripped it apart. Laughs from fellow musicians, right?”

‘Mick Jagger Shows Up and to the Shock of Everyone There’

Joe Satriani says that although the records on the charts were good during the tour, he was in a difficult financial situation because he could not get the theater concerts he wanted. Then, on the advice of her former agent, she auditioned for Mick Jagger’s solo tour, and things were changing. Satriani decided to audition. Although he feels that he is not a good fit for Mick Jagger. The day before auditioning, Satriani invited Mick Jagger to her concert, just as a joke. Jagger accepted the invitation and the crowd grew wildly.

Is really hot on the Record Charts

“So, I’m sitting there thinking, ‘Okay, how do I get around this? Mick asked. “Because it’s not working out. Even though the record is really hot on the charts, and we’re getting calls from MTV. I’m still not getting a theater gig—that just, paying for the salary and everything I got a call from a former agent who said, ‘Hey, how’d you like to audition for Mick Jagger’s solo band?’

A Gig at The Bottom Line

“And we laughed for about a minute because we knew, I wasn’t the right guy for this. But, you gotta go, right? You just have to check it out. And so I went to NYC, near me at The Bottom Line A gig was a really, really small venue, teeny stage with a pole, typical little club. And we sold out two nights, two shows a night – and they only gave us a fruit basket, by the way, I always wanted to tell Am.

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