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The Rift Between President Joe Biden And Kamala Harris

About three dozen former and current associates of Kamala Harris. Interviews with administration officials, Democratic leaders, donors, and outside advisers have uncovered a complex reality inside the White House. Many people associated with the Vice President are angry about this. They are not being adequately prepared or deployed. Instead, they are being sidelined. Vice President Kamala Harris herself has said it many times. What he is capable of doing politically. She feels compelled in it. Then the question arises, what is going on in the White House?

The rift between President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

After becoming the Vice President of America In the early days, Kamala Harris was mostly seen with President Joe Biden. But now she rarely shares the stage with Biden at any public events. This discussion has intensified in America’s political corridor. Is she keeping distance from Biden amid falling poll numbers or is there a rift between the two?

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Biden’s declining popularity

In the first seven months of Joe Biden, he had no problems related to popularity. He could not take advantage of it even at the level of 60 percent of the beginning of Barack Obama. But he remained above Donald Trump in this matter. First raised by Biden regarding coronavirus infection. People appreciated the steps and then suddenly there was an increase in corona infection. Calling the army from Afghanistan, the declining economy has given them losses.

From April to November from CNN. According to the poll, he lacked the most approval from Democrats and Democrats-led independents. Getting the loyalty of old supporters back is harder than winning them. The President Approval Rating decreases much more easily than it increases.

Kamala Harris struggles

Harris is struggling with a difficult relationship with parts of the White House. While longtime supporters feel sidelined. What has he done as Vice President? There is no consistent public understanding of what it is trying to do or is trying to do. It is historic to be the first woman in the National Electoral Office. But there’s no apology even for small mistakes, as she often points out.

Why the White House obsessed him with public understanding

They are considered to be in such a vulnerable position. Top Democrats inside and outside Washington have begun to speculate privately. they are asking each other. Why did the White House allow him to become so obsessed with public understanding? At least that’s how they see it.

A top donor of Biden said

Kamala Harris is a leader. But they are not being put in positions to lead. It doesn’t make any sense. We need to think long-term. And we need to do that. Which is best for the party. Instead of pressurizing them, you should put them in a position to be successful. If you give them the ability to move forward and help lead. So it will strengthen you and strengthen the party.

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