The People Behind It Always Sunny In Philadelphia Have Launched A Whiskey Brand

Dreamed up during the COVID-19 lockdown, all proceeds will go to the Pennsylvania hospitality industry.

America’s longest-running live-action sitcom

With 15 seasons already under its belt, not only does It Always Sunny in Philadelphia have four more seasons at once than another long-running comedy set, cheers, it’s America’s longest-running live There’s also an action sitcom, period. Now, the show’s original trio of male stars — Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day — have launched an Irish whiskey brand that aims to pay tribute to the show’s primary setting, Paddy’s Pub.

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“Fourth Wall” also a word

The new whiskey brand is named Four Walls – a name that Howerton, who plays Dennis, described as “celebrating the Four Walls that have kept our favorite memories and our troubles away ” (Although not mentioned in the announcement, in the sitcom, the “fourth wall” is also a term that represents the metaphorical “wall” between the cast and the audience, perhaps adding an additional meaning to the name.) Made during COVID. The hospitality industry will benefit from the -19 lockdown and, consequently, all proceeds.

Rob McElhenney, who created the show

“We were shooting Season 15 when bars across America were closing. So we decided to source some really great whiskey and make something as a tribute to the bar and start it by giving it back,” says Rob McElhenney, who created the show and plays Mack, said.

The launch comes with two limited-edition products at two different price points.

More casual whiskey fans will probably reach for the blended whiskey that mixes Irish whiskey and Pennsylvania straight rye whiskey as an homage to the backstory of Paddy’s Irish pub-on-American soil. The 45-percent ABV result, sold in “collectible premium boxes,” is billed as “smooth enough to neatly served as well as put into cocktails”—and the bottles cost $89. Is. The initial release will only be “a few hundred cases”.

Day, who played Charlie, explained,

Second option: A cask-strength Irish whiskey sourced from a single-barrel that, like the show, aged for over 15 years. Only 755 bottles produced, and each comes in a mirrored engraved box that includes the signatures of all three stars with a price tag of $999. Day, who plays Charlie, explained, “We learned that Irish whiskey So rare and so collectible, and we couldn’t believe we found something.” “[We] wanted to release this and do something for the people and places that we do so much for everyone — bars and bartenders.”

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