The New HYTE X HAKOS BAELZ Unveiled The Limited Edition Y60 PC Case at Anime Expo 2022

iBUYPOWER’s new PC components, peripherals, and lifestyle brand, HYTE, announces its Hakos Baelz collaboration. From Japan Represented by COVER Corporation. Created in collaboration with the overall English team. Unveiled a limited edition version of the popular Y60 PC case.

HYTE x Hakos Balez collaborated to bring the limited edition Y60 PC Case to fans at Anime Expo 2022.

HYTE offers a unique concept with the Y60. Which has pushed the envelope in the PC case market. One of the highlights of the Y60 is the bezel-less design. That includes three removable, tempered glass panels that line the sides and front of the case. The chamfered moldings on the ceiling and floor of the Y60 further accentuate the modern aesthetic. and puts the built-in components in a whole new perspective. For the Hakos Baelz Y60 limited edition case, HYTE has collaborated with renowned VTuber Hakos Baelz and illustrator Rosuuri to create a unique version of the Y60.

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Underline the modern beauty

Hakos Baelz Y60 PC Case features artwork by professional anime illustrator, Rosuri. Which prominently features Hakos Baelz on a tempered-glass panel.

Each of the 3,400 special edition Hakos Baelz Y60 PC cases are equipped with a custom plate on the back of the chassis. Which shows the limited edition production number and an overall x iBUYPOWER collaboration logo, illustrated with dice.

HAKOS BAELZ Desk Pad Included

Each order of Hakos Baelz Y60 PC Case comes with a matching Hakos Baelz HYTE DP900 Desk Pad. With dimensions of 800×380mm and Hakos Baelz visuals, this desk pad is the ultimate companion piece to the Hakos Baelz Y60 PC case. And completes the setup completely.

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