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The new Government of Afghanistan, Mullah Baradari

Mulla Abdul Ghani Baradar is one of those 4 people. who joined the Taliban in 1994. was formed. In the year 2001, when the forces started operations in Afghanistan under the American leadership. So the news of the rebellion led by Mulla Baradar started coming. American forces started looking for him in Afghanistan but he had fled to Pakistan.

At Least three Taliban Sources in Afghanistan Said

Mullah Baradar, the head of the Taliban’s political office, will lead the new government in Afghanistan. According to the news of Al-Arabiya News quoting Taliban sources. Mullah Baradar has received the command of the new government of Afghanistan. Sources said that Mullah Mohammad Yacoub and Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, sons of the late Taliban founder Mullah Omar, will also hold senior positions in the government. Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, one of the co-founders of the Taliban, was captured by security forces in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi in 2010. and was released in 2018.

Preparations for the Ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhavan

Taliban official Ahmadullah Muttaki told on the Internet media on Thursday that. Preparations are underway for the ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhavan in Kabul. Only a few days  left for the formation of the new government. Earlier the news agency Sputnik reported that. The Taliban may announce the formation of a new government on Friday. Taliban has said that The deliberations regarding the formation of the new government have been finalized.

Akhundzada will be the Leader of the New Government

Tolo News quoted Aamulla Samangani, a member of the Taliban’s cultural commission, as saying. The leader of the Taliban, Mullah Akhundzada, will be the leader of the new government. There should be no doubt about it. The new Islamic government we will announce will be a role model for the people. The Taliban captured Afghanistan on 15 August. Since then the process of formation of a new government is going on. The process has accelerated after the US left the country on Monday.

Women will Also be Included in the Government

According to news agency PTI. Sher Muhammad Abbas, deputy leader of the Taliban’s political office in Doha, Qatar’s capital, told foreign media that. Women and members of all tribes of Afghanistan will also  included in the government. But those involved in governments during the last 20 years will not find a place in the new Taliban regime.

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