The L Word Generation Q Episode 310 Recap I Think There A Whole lot of Hope Ahead

The L Word: Welcome to the tenth recap of the third season of Generation Q, brought to you by the same network that brought you the original L Word, a story about manatees speaking the language of high-stakes lesbian poker. the show, the boss does a chemical peel while spiking painkillers, has sex with a vampire, bitter rivalry between a queer cafe for its pear polenta tarts and bubble chairs, a nightclub, brownies who might be gay, a horse Known for Girls, a hybrid skate park/hair salon. The gig also sold Men Named Tom, installation art about core values, a self-help guru pedaling T.O.E., Eros the Bittersweet, Let’s Girls Be Negative, and the world’s most iconic garbage bag dress.

This Generation Q recap of “Looking Ahead”

My friends, finally here on this Generation Q recap of episode 310, “Looking Ahead,” which is the final episode of the season, but possibly the final episode of the entire series if the show gets canceled. “Looking Ahead” marked the directorial debut of Leisha Hailey and she killed it — you can feel her touch in the so many subtle cute friendship moments and comedy beats throughout the episode.

I write recaps beat by beat,

I really enjoyed this episode! But there were two storylines in this episode that I hated and I’m sure you can guess what they were! Usually, I write these recaps beat by beat, following my description of what came before. doesn’t spoil it. Today I’m going to do things a little differently – my recap of each scene will take into account what I already know from watching the whole thing. Because I don’t know how to save whatever comment I have until the whole story is over, so what can I say, what can I say?

Somebody Hadley & Bennett Catalog

We open on the most important moment in a young woman’s life: Bette and Tina’s wedding day. Faced with an artificial time constraint of one (1) week in which to coordinate the entire kit and Kaboodle, our accomplished couple has chosen to make their dreams come true through teamwork! Plus, someone hired a crew of dapper gay minions right out of a Hadley & Bennett catalog. Luckily Alice totally knows what she’s doing:

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