The Hit Movie Alan Rickman Initially Hated So Much That He Went Full What-The-Hell Mode

The role of Hans Gruber in Die Hard was a breakthrough for Alan Rickman’s acting career, but the actor himself almost gave it up because he did not want to be the embodiment of stereotypes.

What was the reaction of the British actor?

Allen had been acting for a long time, but only on stage. When he decided to retrain as a film actor, an agent brought him the script for Die Hard. And what was the reaction of the then-unknown British actor? Allen felt the script was too simple and did not want to try the image of the typical Englishman playing the villain in Hollywood.

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another milestone in his acting career

The film’s producers, director John McTiernan and producer Joel Silver, discovered Rickman in the 1987 drama Dangerous Liaisons, where Allen played the Viscount de Valmont. They immediately knew it was him they wanted in the role of Hans Gruber. Were. After some consideration, Allen agreed to the role, marking another milestone in his acting career. In the first take, when Hans Gruber meets John McClane, Alan Rickman injures his knee while jumping from a height and has to walk on crutches for a week (that’s for stuntmen).

The team releases Rickman on count of “three”.

All this time he was filmed close-up, as he could only stand on one leg. The story of one of the most famous scenes in the film is also known. The actor was supposed to “fall off a skyscraper” on a green screen, the film team promised to release Rickman on the count of “three”, but Did it on the count of “one”.

the actor later admitted

Alan was not expecting such a turn of events, so the scene turned out to be especially lively. The actor later admitted that during the shooting he changed his mind about the film. In his opinion, Die Hard was quite revolutionary for its time, and did not adhere to then-common Hollywood stereotypes.

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