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The Groom Was Going To Wear Jaimal In The Middle The Lover Came And Filled The Bride Demand

A surprising case has come to light from the Gorakhpur district. Where suddenly the lover filled the vermilion in front of the groom, demanding his girlfriend bride. The groom kept watching this sight.

Lover made a wave in plain

A surprising case has come to light from the Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Where suddenly in the wedding pavilion at the time Jayala climbed on the stage. The lover filled vermilion in front of the groom in the demand of his beloved bride. The groom kept watching this scene. Seeing this, all the people present at the wedding were surprised. Someone present on the spot made a video of this incident and made it viral on social media. On reaching the spot, the police pacified the matter after extinguishing it with the family members.

The lover filled the bride’s demand in front of the groom

This case is of the Harpur Budhat police station area. During the wedding, when the bride and groom were ready to perform the rituals of Jaimal on the stage. Then the bride’s lover climbed on the stage and filled the demand. After this incident, the atmosphere became very tense. The girl’s side immediately called on dial 112 and complained. As soon as the information received, the police reached the spot, and then the matter could be resolved till late in the night. After the panchayat on Thursday morning, the groom sent his bride and took her home.

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On seeing the police, the fever of lover’s love went down.

Seeing the police, the lover quietly went to his house. This marriage remains a topic of discussion in the whole area. The elders of the village handled the matter and bid farewell to the bride and groom in the morning. So far no action taken against the accused lover in this case. The villagers say that now it is not right to give more importance to this matter.

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