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The Grave Dug From The Woman Was Shot Again And Put To Death

A woman who had gone to a friend’s birthday party was brutally murdered. The woman was forced to dig her grave before being shot. After this, the accused fled away after burying him there. However, the police have arrested all three killers.

A shocking case has emerged from Brazil

Before a woman was put to death in Brazil, her grave was excavated from it. This incident was carried out by some people involved in the drug business. Police say that the accused first excavated the grave from the woman. Then after blowing the bullet, his dead body was buried there.

The woman went to the birthday party

According to the report of ‘Daily Star’. All this happened when Amanda Albach went to celebrate a birthday party with some of her friends. Amanda did something in the party, due to which the accused got angry. He was put to death. Actually, some people involved in the business of drugs were also involved in this party. When Amanda started taking pictures of him, he didn’t like it.

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Because of this things got worse

Things got worse when Amanda made some comment about a person involved in drug smuggling. Sent his photo to many other people. After the party, the accused kidnapped Amanda Albach and took her to a secluded area. There he asked Amanda to dig his own grave. Later he shot and killed the woman and buried the body in the same grave.

This is how the truth came out

After Amanda Albach did not return from the party, her family filed a police complaint. When the police questioned the people involved in the party, they suspected a person. After this, in strict interrogation, he spewed everything. The man told that after killing Amanda, his body has been buried near the beach. Police have arrested two men and a woman in this case. All three have confessed their crime.

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