The Girl Who Reached Her Friend Wedding Seduced The Groom

A news is coming out. Where the bride’s friend betrayed her own friend and stunned her groom. Now all these people knowing this are quite surprised.

Bride’s friend did something like this

Many strange and surprising issues are seen and heard on social media. There is a lot of excitement in the season of weddings. Many relatives and guests are present during the wedding. But sometimes such a mess happens. The matter should not be swallowed or swallowed. Now an issue has come up in this episode. In which something happened to the bride which might not have happened to anyone. Actually, the bride’s friend seduced her groom immediately before the wedding. The interesting thing is that the bride is still oblivious to this and her friend’s affair is still going on with her husband.

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At the time of marriage, such secrets of the groom should be revealed

A girl has shared this story on an online sharing site. The girl told that – this marriage was a complete ruin. Her friend, who went with the bride here, completed her work. Actually, that girl opened such secrets of the groom at the time of marriage, which no one expected. Now after knowing this news, people on social media are getting very surprised. Also, people are sharing this news on other platforms of social media.

The woman went to her friend’s wedding with 2 girls with her.

Let us tell you that this couple’s marriage was fixed about 2 years ago. However, a lot of time passed by postponing this marriage. This marriage reached till the year 2021. By then all these girls had started working in different places, yet the bride chose old friends as her bridesmaids. When she reached the wedding, a different view was seen here. Actually, he had said everything under the influence of alcohol.

Let me tell you – when the three had drinks, one of them started talking briskly about the groom and their affair. Let us tell you that during the wedding rehearsal party, the groom had also come to his hotel room. This is rarely seen. Now since this has come to the fore, people are quite surprised.

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