The first Music for the Solo Dark Side of The Moon Revealed

The controversial former bandleader says he wanted to re-address the ‘political and emotional message’ of the album which turns 50 this week. Roger Waters has revealed the first minutes of music from his re-recorded version of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, marking 50 years of the original this week.

Waters discussed war, capital, death, and other important

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He posted an explanation of the project as well as a clip of himself listening to a new recording of the song Us and Them, which does not feature his former bandmates. Waters wrote the original album’s lyrics dealing with war, capital, death, and other important existential themes, and said he wanted to “re-address the political and emotional message of the entire album”.

A Putin Supporter and a Lie

Believe it or not, Waters is estranged from the rest of Pink Floyd. The schism has deteriorated in recent months. Also a Putin supporter and a liar, stealer, hypocrite, tax avoider, lip-synching, anti-woman, sick-to-be-envious, megalomaniac. Gilmour quipped: “Every word is apparently true.”

In an interview, Waters said of his former bandmates

In an interview with the Telegraph the same week, Waters said of his former bandmates: “They can’t write songs, they don’t have anything to say. They’re not artists! They don’t have any ideas, not a single one between them”. No. They never have, and it drives them crazy.

Your opinion on Antipathy in April 2022

He thinks writing is everything, and playing guitar and singing is something. It is, I wouldn’t say that anyone can, but that everything should be judged on writing rather than playing.

Mason groups over 28 years to benefit relief efforts in Ukraine

Gilmour and Mason reformed under the name Pink Floyd last April for the group’s first new song in 28 years to benefit relief efforts in Ukraine. In an interview with the Guardian, Gilmour characterized the Russian invasion as an “extraordinarily insane, unjustified attack by a major power on a free, peaceful, democratic nation”.

Described Putin as a “gangster”

However, Waters has drawn sharp criticism for his differing views on the conflict. He initially described Putin as a “gangster”.

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