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The Executioner Husband Cut The Woman Hand The Government Would Have To Pay 3 Crore Damages

Russia has to pay compensation to four women for domestic violence. The International Court of Justice has ordered the Russian government to pay compensation. A victim’s husband had cut off both her hands by hitting her 40 times with an axe. After doing the operation, the doctors folded one of his hands.

The Russian government will compensate a woman who is a victim of domestic violence.

The International Court has told Russia He should pay 3,70,000 euros i.e. about three crore 20 lakh rupees to the victim woman. Actually, the executioner husband of the woman had cut off both her hands after hitting her with an axe. Later an arm added to the operation. But the doctors were not successful in connecting with the other. The husband had inflicted 40 blows on the woman with an axe. She was able to save her life with great difficulty.

Because of this Husband said attack

According to the report of ‘Daily Star’. The European Court of Human Rights ordered Russia. He should compensate four women, victims of domestic violence, including 27-year-old Margarita Grachiova, who had to undergo complex surgeries. In December 2017, Margarita’s husband Dmitry Grechev attacked her with a deadly attack. The executioner husband had inflicted 40 blows on Margarita with an axe. Both his hands were cut off. In fact, the husband suspected that his wife was having an affair with another person, due to which he became ruthless.

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Police did not pay attention to the complaint

Dmitry Grachyov later convicted by the court and sentenced to 14 years in prison. The victim had told the police in the past. Her husband beats her up, but the officers ignore her. Taking this matter seriously, the International Court of Justice has ordered the Russian government to pay compensation to Margarita Grachyova for medical expenses and mental-physical trauma. Along with this, the court has also asked to pay compensation to the other four women.

Russia has already denied

The court has also asked Russia to take adequate steps to prevent such cases. Let us tell you that in one such case earlier also Russia had refused to pay compensation to the victim. The Russian government had said that the government could not be held responsible for domestic violence. At the same time, the lawyer fighting the case of women victims of violence has written in his Facebook post that every woman was seriously injured due to the inaction of the government.

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