The End of the Oscar film

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most popular art forms in history

The Oscar for Best Picture, the gleaming benchmark of excellence in modern history’s most popular art form, now set to go to a film that asks what life might be like if our fingers made of hot dogs.That is until it’s won over by a movie in which one main character chops off his own fingers to express his hatred of another: his best friend. Or the mock biopic of the classical music titan given to threatening little kids in playgrounds. Or a portrait of the ultra-rich in sports, full of revolution and projectile vomit.

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Tar, Triangle of Sadness, and, yes, Top Gun

In case you missed this whole past year at the movies, the first of these is the freewheeling sci-fi Everything Everywhere All at Once, which is now the favorite to win Best Picture at this weekend’s Academy Awards.The others, out of a total of 10 nominees, are The Banshees of Inishrin, Tar, Triangle of Sadness, and, yes, Top Gun: Maverick.Not too long ago, the idea that any of these films would be in contention for Hollywood’s biggest prize, Must have created a feeling of mistrust. All of those are a sure sign of a rum year at the Oscars. Multiverse, Misanthropy, Marxism, a sequel to the Tom Cruise star vehicle from 1986. A lot beyond anyone’s measure, and all at once indeed.

The decline of the Oscars as a TV event

If you’re planning on watching Anarchy live on Sunday night, you’ll probably have a sofa. In America at least, the decline of the Oscars as a TV event has deepened the gloom around their future. Yet Hollywood still takes the awards seriously: a school awards day with real-world implications for greenlights, budgets, and salaries. Witness, for example, the relentless Oscar campaign spearheaded by another Best Picture nominee, Baz Luhrmann’s sequin Elvis. Or the apparently organic swell of social media supports among famous names for Best Actress nominee Andrea Riseborough, who will be viewed by the Academy for “aggressive” tactics.

Filmmakers enjoy award season

Or, more hilariously, look at the glee with which the cast and filmmakers of Everywhere Everywhere All at Once have enjoyed awards season. What an infectious ambassador they’ve been for their film, co-directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert aka The Daniels: A Deeply Whimsical Tale of an Ordinary Chinese-American Family and the Endless Parallel Realities Held on Vol.

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