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The Death of 12 Monkeys Created a Stir in Fatehpur Semarha Village

The death of 12 monkeys created a stir in the Semarha village of Fatehpur. There will be a post-mortem on Saturday on the possibility of consuming poisonous substances. The forest sub-inspector has registered a case.

The death of 12 monkeys created a stir in Fatehpur’s Semarha village

Sensation spread after the bodies of 12 monkeys found under a tree in Semarha village in Chhiwlaha of Fatehpur. Soon a crowd gathered. The six monkeys were unconscious and were in agony. There was a peep coming out of the mouth of the dead monkeys. Shortly after, the police team, the team of veterinarians, and the forest sub-inspector arrived there and investigated. The forest department’s team has brought the carcasses of 12 monkeys to the Khaga office. Their post-mortem done on Saturday. The Forest Department has lodged a complaint with the police station.

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There is a suspicion of being poisoned or fed

People saw monkeys suffering in the afternoon under a mango tree on the roadside outside Semarha village of Hathgam police station area. When people arrived, they found that about six monkeys dead and five suffering. On the news of this, Ram Dal President Nagendra Sahu and the media in-charge Ajay Gupta reached there with the people. Immediately inform the police, veterinary doctors, and forest department. Dr. Anupam, Forest Inspector Shailendra, and Hathgam police team from Palia Animal Hospital reached the spot and the investigation started.

fear of ingesting poisonous substances

After getting information about the incident, people reached the spot. The monkeys were dying in agony. Aangendra Sahu, president of the Ram Dal organization, who was present on the spot, said that the monkeys were foaming from their mouths, and they in so much trouble that they were toileting. It is feared that the monkeys must have consumed some poisonous substance, due to which they died.

Handed over the little monkey to the villagers

Dr. Anupam of Palia Animal Hospital said that seeing the condition of the monkeys, there is a possibility of consuming poisonous substances, but clearly, something can said only after the post-mortem. He said that the condition of the six monkeys has improved with the treatment. While some died even after treatment. The condition of a little monkey very critical, which handed over to the villager. He was being fed milk but he was not eating or drinking anything.

Dead bodies kept in Khaga Forest Office

Forest Department Ranger Sachchidanand Yadav said that the carcasses of monkeys kept in the Khaga office by the sub-inspector. After completion of the paperwork, the post-mortem of the dead bodies done by calling the veterinarian on Saturday morning.

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