The Darkness Justin Hawkins Calls Pop Music Sewage

The musician started his YouTube channel, Justin Hawkins Rides Again, to help earn money during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Justin Hawkins of the rock band The Darkness

Justin Hawkins of the rock band The Darkness has discussed and explained his dislike of pop music. How his popular music-oriented YouTube channel helped him earn a living during the pandemic. Hawkins performed with Wolfgang Van Halen at the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert back in September. Which honored the Foo Fighters drummer who tragically passed away in March. He talks more about the experience in the video below.

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Hawkins started a channel called Justin Hawkins Rides Again as a way to make money

Hawkins started a channel called Justin Hawkins Rides Again during the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to earn money. His channel features music reviews, lyrical analysis, and deep dives into the nuts and bolts of songwriting. Since its launch, Hawkins has earned over 300,000 subscribers.

The skin of Skunk with Anansi on Absolute Radio

In a new interview with Skin of Skunk Anansi on Absolute Radio, Hawkins delves deeper into his YouTube channel, revealing that he has to be careful when discussing pop music because of his strong dislike of it. Man shouting on a cloud. You know, ‘Oh, well, when I was younger. So you should be able to play your instrument,’ and all that sort of thing. So I try and avoid those tropes,” he said.

I’m talking about pop music

“But … the times when it becomes something I really need to be careful about. When I’m talking about pop music. Because I think pop music has always been sewage; Nothing like a waist-high sea. You know, this empty, meaningless stuff that doesn’t move people like you and me,” he told Skins.

He also said during the interview

He also told during the interview that before his channel. He started offering tutorials and Zoom calls with people on Patreon, a subscription business website. “And that was because when COVID started, I was just in this house and I didn’t have any furniture. So many different- Due to different personal reasons, I ended up in this weird situation where I could not work. I was on my own and was struggling a bit emotionally and financially as well,” he explained.

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