The Actress Will Be Seen In The Lead Star Wars Next Series R2D2. See posing With

With Comic-Con starting today and some major announcements from properties like Marvel and Star Trek, Star Wars kept things relatively quiet this year. Unveiled some costumes for Endor

Some new action figures for The Mandalorian

The Lucasfilm publication had a series of announcements about upcoming comics and novels, but it wasn’t nearly as bombastic as you might expect from the beloved franchise. , One cool Star Wars-related thing we got from this year’s Comic-Con is the announcement of Amandla Stenberg as the head of the upcoming The Acolyte series, next to everyone’s favorite Astromech. Check out the post below:

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Feel in live action

Amandla Stenberg also got in on the fun, posting the news on her Instagram. Out of all the upcoming Star Wars projects, The Acolyte is one of the most interesting. For one, there isn’t a lot of news and plot details about the project, which gives it an air of mystery. We know it will happen during the High Republic era, which is yet to seen on screen. The era takes place two to three hundred years before the events of the original Star Wars trilogy, so there’s plenty of fresh material to usher in an era that fans haven’t seen much. While the High Republic explored in the novels and comics, it would be nice to finally realize it in live action.

High Republic Era A Golden Age for the Jedi

Further details of The Acolyte’s plot suggest that it will take place near the end of the High Republic Era. The High Republic Era was a golden age for the Jedi, but the dark side began to emerge at the end of the era. We also know that Leslie Headland will be producing, writing and executive producing the series. Hedland is best known for her work on the acclaimed Netflix series Russian Dolls. According to reports about the series, it will be a more female-centric entry in the Star Wars lineup. Hedland’s recruiting and Stenberg’s casting show that this is the direction they are taking.

Ahsoka animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Acolyte won the only female-focused Star Wars series we’ll get in 2023. Fan-favorite character Ahsoka will also get her own solo series in 2023, with Rosario Dawson recreating her live-action version. Character. Ahsoka introduced in the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars and has been one of the most received characters in the post-original trilogy Star Wars projects. Of course, The Acolyte and Ahsoka aren’t all we can look forward to in the Star Wars universe. In fact, fans won’ to wait too long for the next big series, as Endor is set to premiere in August. Endor follows Diego Luna’s Cassian Endor, whom we met in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. We’ll also get a second season of the animated series The Bad Batch and the animated anthology Tales of the Jedi before the year ends.

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