The Actor Who Famously Claimed His Drone Company Could Fly

Former Empire actor and red carpet scientist Terrence Howard are currently visiting Uganda as part of a government effort to attract investors from the African diaspora to the nation. He is claiming that he has what he needs to change the world.

Rance Howard Claims New Hydrogen Technology

According to Vice, Howard addressed officials on Wednesday, July 13. and claiming to have developed a “new hydrogen technology”. Made a wonderful presentation.

The linchpin, cutting-edge drone technology

Famously, Howard argued in Rolling Stone that once one equals two, and now says that his new system, The Linchpin, will use state-of-the-art drone technology to clean the ocean and save Uganda from exploitation. will be able to. The proprietary technology they announced in their 2021 press release. It is said to have 86 patents in it.

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Unlimited Bonds, Unlimited Predictable Structures

He shared in front of an audience of Ugandan dignitaries. “I was able to identify the grand unified field equation they were looking for and put it into geometry.” “We’re talking about infinite bonding, infinitely predictable structures, supersymmetry.”

Give an opportunity to the children of Ugandan and the people of Ugandan

“Linchpins are now able to behave as a herd. As a colony, that can protect a nation, that can harvest food, can remove plastic from the ocean. And can give an opportunity to the people of Ugandans. Spread it and sell these products across the world,” he said.

Discovered something about science in my personal life

Howard, who quit acting in 2019 only to come out of retirement in 2020. has made rewriting history a personal side. According to Vice, he made vague claims that quickly went viral on social media. He said, “I’ve made some discoveries in my personal life with science. That’s what Pythagoras was discovering. I was able to open the flower of life exactly and we’ve been looking for real wave conjugation for 10,000 years.”

While his latest claims are yet to be clarified. Howard was invited to speak by Frank Tumwebez, Minister of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries.

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