Tessa Thompson Spicy Discussing Thor on Hot Ones

Tessa Thompson appeared on “Hot Ones” on July 7, where she described the Thor franchise, telling Sean Evans that “Thor: Ragnarok” was trying to “destroy every Thor movie” by challenging the cliché and disrupting the audience. was trying. ‘ Expectations, the franchise’s next installment, “Thor: Love and Thunder,” is attempting to “recapture the magic” of the original film. ,

Thor: Love and Thunder,” from the original movie “Magic

Capable of holding multiple different tonal pockets at once. he said. “Can a film be funny and silly and irreverent. But can it also be heartfelt? Can it be earnest? Can those things work into each other in a way that feels organic? But I think that’s the way of life.”

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Thompson as Valkyrie in the film

Thompson played the role of Valkyrie in the film. Which stars Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman along with many other big names. In the film, her character is openly LGBTQ+. Which is a first for MCU. He also discussed how Shakespeare’s plays began to perform, many of which required him and other cast members to play characters of different genders.

Differently interpreted the presence of the masculine and the feminine on the stage

Sometimes masculine and feminine presence on stage is interpreted differently. “The idea was that men are more upright. That men are less inclined to break their lines. And for some reason, we tend to associate it with power,” she said, although “it shouldn’t be like that,” Valkyrie In taking on a “character who really wants to feel powerful — not masculine, necessarily — I thought about it,” she said, “getting the buff.” It also helped her discover the character’s power.

Later, fighting back tears from the spiced wings. He discussed making original music with Ludwig Göransson for the 2015 film “Creed”. It was said that the pair locked themselves in the studio for two weeks to compose music for the film. “We had his friends and used to write with us, like Donald Glover… and Moses Sumani and all these incredible artists. I’ve dabbled in music.

Largest Craft Service Snack Hot & Spicy Cheese-It

I’m not like them. They could do anything. They could eat two cutting boards of these hot wings and sit and sing,” she said. “It felt like preparation for the role—like a mockumentary until you make it.” Finally, she did in her youth. discussed working as a bar and bat mitzvah dancer and, after tasting the spiciest sauce on the roster, managed to answer a few questions about her opinion on different goats, she said, the largest craft service snack. Hot and Spicy is the cheesy it, and the biggest film adapted from a book will be “The Talented Mr. Ripley”.

Thor: Love and Thunder” premieres in theaters on July 8

“Thor: Love and Thunder” premieres in theaters on July 8. It was directed by Taika Waititi and featured Christian Bale as the villain, as well as cameos from Hemsworth and Portman’s children, among other notable appearances.

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