Ten Years Later Tomb Raider 2013 Still Holds The Key to The Series Future

On the tenth anniversary of the Tomb Raider reboot, how might the first game help shape the series’ sequel?

Ten years ago today, Tomb Raider rebooted itself with the start of the Survivor trilogy. This is the third reboot that the series has gone through. And the most transformative ever. But it’s hard to see what legacy it leaves behind ten years on.

ways to modernize tomb raider

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Survivor was a huge swing, and while Tomb Raider was modernized in ways that make it perfectly suited for the current era, it still doesn’t hold a particularly favored position in the overall Tomb Raider canon – many are concerned That what comes next will come very close to what Survivor did. On its tenth birthday, it probably deserves a lot more love.

Angel of Darkness’s colossal misfire

The first Tomb Raider reboot Angel of Darkness was a huge misfire, even though it was a stylish effort. This was followed by the Legend era, which relied on larger set pieces and more open-ended locations, though still retained the puzzles and tomb-raiding aspect of the original series. This was a linear progression – although Lara’s personality and appearance were changed.

The two eras flow chronologically into each other. Survivor, the third reboot, changed all that. This took Lara back to the beginning. In the first game, he is not a Tomb Raider at all, and his father is still alive. He dies in the initial exchange. leaves Lara shipwrecked on an island where she becomes a Tomb Raider, even though she doesn’t actually raid tombs so much as strangely stumble into them to murder people.

After the first game appeared in Rise and Shadow, a linear trilogy was formed. Rise is considered one of the best Tomb Raider games, and ranks third on my personal list. Shadow, in contrast, is very aimless and fails to develop Lara at all, even relegating her to a flat and dull everywoman, and is considered one of the worst.

This continued with Rise and Shadow, with the open world getting bigger, tombs becoming less important (even though some became larger set pieces), and by Shadow, you weren’t actually raiding tombs but were completing challenges for stat boosts.

short and to-the-point games are going out of fashion

It’s easy to see why Tomb Raider 2013 modernized itself. Small open areas, tricky puzzles, and short and to-the-point games were falling out of fashion in 2013. who were converted by the thrill of the open world? Which promised hours and hours of fun, even if most of those hours were assembling gear parts to make.

Rise mixed with classic Tomb Raider staples

Shotgun or trekking on a huge map and not doing anything interesting. Tomb Raider 2013 was an experiment with this genre. The rise was perfection mixed with classic Tomb Raider staples. And Shadow tried to follow it again but felt very aimless.

It’s hard to put a character like Croft in a world like that.

Tomb Raider 2013 laid a solid foundation, but it was never as popular (personally, I don’t think the shorter and harder Tomb Raider would work today. But in your mind, it’s easy to decide that if they existed You love them and God is a fool. After ten years, that solid foundation can crumble like sand.

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