Telugu Actress Hamsa Nandini is Battling Breast Cancer

Giving a strong message, Hamsa has said. She will return to the screen even better and stronger. She will share her story with everyone. To help educate and inspire people.

telugu actress hamsa nandini

Telugu actress Hamsa Nandini has revealed why she was away from social media for a long time. Sharing this picture on her Instagram, Humsa has written an emotional post, in which she revealed that she is going through stage 3 of breast cancer and she is taking chemotherapy for it. She has currently taken 9 sessions of chemotherapy and is yet to take 7 chemotherapy sessions.

The disease was detected four months ago

Nandini wrote, “Whatever challenge life presents to me and no matter how unfair this period maybe, I will not bow down to it. I will not allow fear and negativity to enter me. I will not give up. With love and courage, I will move forward.” Nandini (37) said that four months ago, I felt a small lump in my breast. At the same time, after investigation, I came to know that life will no longer be the same.

actress taking chemotherapy

The actress said that the tumor was removed after surgery but later her tests confirmed breast cancer. He said that till now he has completed nine cycles of chemotherapy. My mother had passed away 18 years ago from this disease and since then I am living in its shadow. I was scared.”

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