Teen Mom’s Farah Abraham Slammed For ‘Animal cruelty’ After letting kids paint on Horse

The American star, 31, rose to prominence after being pregnant in 2009 and on the reality TV series 16, before appearing in Teen Mom later that year after giving birth to Sophia Laurent Abraham.

Sharing Sofia with Derek Underwood

Now, Farah lives a lavish lifestyle in the States, which includes owning a horse named Starburst—and it’s safe to say that he looked like a literal pack of Starbursts after being subjected to the artistic genius of a bunch of kids.

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Farah shared a picture of her horse,

In which his body is shown covered with colorful images, such as butterflies and loving hearts. His ancient mane was also dotted with stripes of green, blue and purple.

Farah wrote on her Instagram:

‘Starburst Hosts Its First Birthday Party! We are so proud to have made this birthday wish come true!’ ‘Let the Starburst kiddos paint the unicorn design, pet and feed it!’, he added.

Strongly-worded comment for accusing the mum-of-one of ‘cruelty’ and ‘disrespect’.

‘I can’t believe no one living in this area has reported this. This is animal cruelty,’ one follower began, another said: ‘It is horrible. It’s not cute, that poor horse’. A lot of people tagged PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) in the comments, asking ‘someone to save this poor thing’.

Taking a soft stance, another fan commented

I’m sure Starburst made some little lady extremely happy. Please don’t change her natural beauty in any way. Letting the kids in on them was probably the highlight of their day, but it doesn’t bode well for Starburst.’ When contacted for comment, Farah’s rep told Metro.co.uk that Farah, her family and Starburst watching professionals ‘do not mistreat or neglect the animal’, and the horse has had a recent health struggle.

To Save Starburst’s Eye From Inoculation

‘Starburst is well beyond caring’ and ‘no longer living at her father’s house as Farah found Starburst with her eyes darkened and damaged and other markings.’ Farah’s team says after that Starburst was under ‘intensive care 24 hours a day by vets’ as she ‘went above and beyond to save Starburst’s eye from inoculation’, billing more than $4,000 (£3.3k) a month with.

Starburst’s eye was saved and now she can see again in both eyes.

They say Farah allows kids to ‘socialize and play with therapy horses like Starburst,’ in a facility where they host children’s parties and have a pampering experience for horses.’ Far from neglecting animals because Farah treats Starburst like her own child,’ the rep says.

‘Farah and Sofia are happy to see Starburst happier than ever.’

This isn’t the first time Farah has been accused of abusing animals, as she was called out in 2020 for putting a muzzle on her new puppy. After posting a video of the dogs Boo and Cupcakes accusing them of animal abuse. There were more allegations of abuse, including one with a ribbon tied around his mouth.

The Pomeranian Boo’s fur was blue and the cupcakes were bright pink.

At the time, PETA issued a statement, telling The Sun that the TV star should “start treating dogs like fashion accessories or hand them over to someone who will love them unconditionally.”

Farah later told the publication

Left with no choice but to respond, Farah later told the publication: ‘The haters have made a ribbon on my pet, which is false. We use a muzzle for her training according to a trainer’s review, which are sold at all pet stores.’ She claims that her daughter treats her dogs ‘like royalty’ that their pets have been ‘trained to the guidelines of the law’.

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