TD Jax’s Daughter Pastor Sarah Jake Roberts

On the last lady, you missed! The conference concluded on September 24 in Atlanta. Bishop TD Jax passed the reins of his successful women-empowerment ministry to his daughter, Pastor Sarah Jax Roberts.

Jake called his daughter on stage saying

Jake, 65, called his daughter on stage, saying she was “walking in her destiny. He emphasized that he was not anointing her through DNA, birth order, favoritism, or nepotism.” “If I didn’t know that Jehovah’s hand is on you, I would never have done it,” he said.

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Jake pours oil on his daughter’s head

As Jake poured oil on his daughter’s head, he prayed that God would give her strength and strength. She then collapsed and remained on stage as her father told all present, that he was declaring “a new season in your life”. Because as I go down, I’ll see God increase you.

Sarah Jake Roberts continues their father’s legacy

Through his Woman Evolve Ministry and a book of the same title. Sarah Jacques Roberts encourages women to “break up” from their fears and “revolutionize their lives.” She also co-pastors two branches of The Potter House Church, one in Los Angeles and one in Denver – with her husband, Torrey Roberts.

His proud father writes on social media

On social media, his proud father writes: “I have seen. That you have grown from your baby girl into a leader, changemaker, and influential woman who has a reach beyond generations of women. You have touched the lives of many, and as your earthly father, I have never been more proud. It is a great honor for me to pass on the torch to you. you’ve earned it. And God will excel wherever you take you for women empowerment.

2014 book “Lost and Found”

In his 2014 book “Lost and Found,” Jake Roberts describes pregnancy at the age of 13. Described overcoming struggles including 19 years of marriage, which ended in divorce, low self-esteem, and more. By dealing with guilt and shame, she was able to transform from insecure and fearful into a “powerhouse”. Which helps other women to “grow into the best version of themselves”.

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