Taliban Supreme Leader Batullah Akhundzada has died in the ongoing struggle for power. Mulla Baradar has also taken hostage in the ongoing power struggle with the Haqqani network.

Taliban Supreme Leader Batullah Akhundzada Killed

In the midst of the turmoil inside the Taliban, there are reports that Taliban leader Mullah Baradar has been taken hostage. At the same time, there reports of the death of Haibatullah Akhundzada, who is called the Supreme Lead of the Taliban. However, it has not officially confirmed yet. It told that Mulla Baradar has been taken hostage in the ongoing struggle for power.

UK Magazine Revealed

A UK magazine, The Spectator, told in its report that. Taliban leader and Deputy Prime Minister of Afghanistan Mullah Baradar and its Supreme Leader Haibatullah  badly injured in the clash over the top chair. According to the report, this conflict took place over power with the Haqqani network. The report said that the leaders of the Haqqani network were victorious in this struggle. It has been written in the magazine that the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI was also supporting the Haqqani network.

Taliban Supreme Leader Unknown

Regarding Habatullah it said in The Spectator Magazine that The top leader of the Taliban not yet known. The magazine has written Habatullah has neither  seen nor heard of him for some time. There are many rumors that he has died.” However, earlier reports said that Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the main face of the Taliban, has been sidelined. It  believed that the command of the country would  handed over to Mulla Baradar, but this could not happen.

Large thermos filled with hot tea were also thrown

Mullah Baradar read out a written statement on TV after the conflict at the Afghan Rashtrapati Bhavan. Due to which the speculation of his  held hostage had intensified. Many experts had said that Mulla is under pressure. And he  forced to make a statement. The report states that The clash took place in September, and furniture and large thermos filled with hot tea  also thrown. During the clash, Haqqani network leader Khalil-ul-Rahman Haqqani stood up from his seat. And picking up the chair, Mulla started beating Baradar.