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Taliban Bans Foreign Exchange in Afghanistan

The economy is struggling after the Taliban took over Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the Taliban has banned foreign exchange.

Taliban bans foreign exchange in Afghanistan

The economic situation in Afghanistan has worsened since the Taliban regime. The banks here are facing a cash crunch. The Afghan currency is depreciating rapidly. People’s jobs are gone. They are suffering from hunger. In such a situation, the Taliban government has given another such decision. Which has created a new crisis in front of Afghanistan. In fact, the Taliban have ordered that. Afghan citizens will use only and only Afghan currency for any transaction within the country. After this order, another new economic crisis is likely to arise inside the country.

Many transactions inside Afghanistan are done in US dollars.

Troubled by the collapse of the economy, the banks are running short of cash. And the international community has so far refused to recognize the Taliban administration as a government. Meanwhile, many transactions within the country are done in US dollars. The Pakistani rupee is used in areas close to the southern border trade routes. But, now Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid announced in a press statement. From now on, anyone using foreign exchange for domestic business will be prosecuted.

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Why did the Taliban issue the order?

Transactions in many places inside Afghanistan are done through US dollars. At the same time, Pakistani currency i.e. Pak Rupee is used on the borders with Pakistan. The Taliban has passed this new order to ban the transaction of this foreign currency. Under this, Afghans will have to use Afghan currency only.

Those who do not obey the order will get punishment

The Taliban government has said In the national interest, ordinary citizens, traders, small shopkeepers will use Afghan currency only for domestic trade. Failure to do so will result in action being taken against them and severe punishment will also be given.

Taliban government has not been recognized

The main reason for the serious economic crisis in Afghanistan is the lack of recognition of the Taliban government. In fact, since the Taliban regime in August, foreign aid to Afghanistan has completely stopped. No country has yet legally recognized the Taliban. Due to which financial problem is arising. This is the reason why the Taliban is not able to use Afghan currency which is stored abroad.

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