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T20 World Cup Why Did Kapil Dev Hold BCCI Responsible

For India’s poor performance in the T20 World Cup, head coach Ravi Shastri first in gestures and later openly blamed the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). His last match with Team India was against Namibia as head coach. He said before the match that I am mentally exhausted. This is possible at my age.

Former Indian Captain Kapil Dev directly Blamed IPL

T20 World Cup 2021: There have been many speculations about the reason for Team India’s exit from the T20 World Cup and all the cricket lovers including the former cricketer are counting all the reasons for this. But former Indian captain Kapil Dev has directly blamed the IPL for this embarrassing situation. He blamed the players on one hand for this, and on the other hand, the BCCI also put in the dock. Kapil dev believes.

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For What reason Team India could not make it to the semi-finals

Kapil clearly said that there should have been a difference between the second phase of the IPL and the T20 World Cup. Let us inform you that India could not make it to the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup due to losing the first two matches in the Super-12. This is the first time since 2012. Whereas India could not make it to the semi-finals of any ICC tournament. According to many experts, the IPL organized just before the T20 World Cup and due to the busy schedule of the team, the players started showing fatigue.

Team Admits Defeat

Some of the boys in the team have gone home for only 25 days in the last six months. Some players play in all three formats. Even if you’re a Don Bradman, your average in Bio-Bubble is bound to drop, so careful. The bubble can burst at any time. He said that we accept defeat. Because we are not afraid to lose. You lose matches trying to win. Here we didn’t even try to win because the essential X factor was missing.

Ravi Shastri Seemed very Happy With his Tenure

Ravi Shastri seemed very happy with his stint as head coach. He said that it was special for me to win all over the world in Test matches. We did well in West Indies, Sri Lanka, Australia, England. We beat strong teams by going to their homes. We were always called the lion of the house. But this team proved itself by winning outside. Shastri further said that the new coach Rahul Dravid will take Team India further. Dravid’s experience will do well for this team.

Kapil Dev takes responsibility for BCCI

Kapil Dev said that I think there should be a national team first and then the franchise. I am not saying that they should not play IPL. But the onus is on the BCCI to prepare a better plan. Also, players should be proud to play for their country. He said that the mistakes we made during the current T20 World Cup. Not repeating them will be the biggest lesson for us.

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