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T20 World Cup Shoaib Akhtar Threatens New Zealand Team

Former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar has been boiling with anger since the sudden withdrawal of the New Zealand cricket team from the tour of Pakistan. He said in the shared video on his YouTube channel that our first match in the T20 World Cup is against India.

Former cricketers are all-rounders in Pakistan

New Zealand cricket team citing security The tour of Pakistan was called off just 5 minutes before the match. After the New Zealand cricket team did this, there was mourning in the whole of Pakistan. The current and former cricketers of Pakistan are in awe of Pakistan’s all-around disgrace.

Pakistan and New Zealand team will be face to face

Some former veterans of Pakistan are making some statements on this issue by making videos again and again and those who are in the forefront. He is Shoaib Akhtar, the former Pakistan fast bowler. Akhtar recently through a video on his official YouTube channel. While talking, he said that the team of Pakistan and New Zealand will be face to face in the World Cup on 26 October. And the match will be played in Sharjah. In this match, he has asked New Zealand to take revenge.

Fixing Your Selection to the PCB

We have to vent our anger in the match. First of all the PCB has to fix its selection. And 3-4 good boys have to be given a place in the team. So that Pakistan’s team looks very strong.”

Talking further, he said that the Pakistani team should get all its anger out on the field. Pakistan should not think too much. And the focus should be maintained. Because Pakistan has seen bad times before.

Have to take revenge on New Zealand: Shoaib

This former fast bowler said that our first match in the T20 World Cup is against India. But the bigger match is with New Zealand on 26 October. We have to take revenge in this match. And all the anger has to be taken out on the field. At this time the Pakistan team should focus only on this. Firstly the PCB will have to fix its selection and give place to 3-4 good boys in the tea

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