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T20 World Cup Ravi Shastri got Babar Azam Support

Pakistan cricket team captain Babar Azam on Tuesday supported the outgoing head coach of Team India Ravi Shastri that it is not easy for the players to play continuously in the bio-bubble. Because it can make them upset and uncomfortable. Head coach Ravi Shastri said after the World Cup match against Namibia in the T20 World Cup. That the players were mentally and physically exhausted by living and playing in the Bio-Bubble for six consecutive months.

Ravi Shastri Raised questions on Bio Bubble

Cricketers have been playing cricket continuously for the last few months after being away from cricket for some time during the Corona period. Due to playing while in Bio Bubble, the dam of his patience has started breaking, after which questions are being raised about Bio Bubble.

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Such harmony with the players

According to Babar Azam, if you cannot go outside the bio-bubble, then negative thoughts start entering your mind which affects your performance. Babar said that Pakistan tried to counter the situation by working as a group with senior players, even holding counseling sessions for those players. who was not feeling comfortable in Bio-Bubble?

Players completely upset by the trap of Bio Bubble

The players and support staff are completely upset by the bio bubble trap. About which the former coach of the Indian team, Ravi Shastri had raised questions a day earlier. in which he had cleaned. That the players seem completely tired of the Bio Bubble.

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