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T20 World Cup Afghanistan Has More Expectations Than India Pietersen Said

After India’s two big defeats against Pakistan and New Zealand, the confidence of cricket legends has also been lost from Team India. Now no player or fan is sure about India’s performance. Former England captain and legendary batsman Kevin Pietersen has said. That only Pakistan and Afghanistan are such teams. Who can beat England? He has not named India on this list.

Pietersen Tweeted in Hindi

Pietersen tweeted in Hindi, ‘There is a winner and a loser in a game. No player plays to lose. representing one’s country
The greatest honor. Please realize that the people of the game are not robots and they need support all the time.

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Only Afghanistan and Pakistan can Beat England

Pietersen said that only Afghanistan and Pakistan can beat England in the current T20 World Cup. That too when he is playing on the old wicket of Sharjah. In which any match has been played before. Apart from this, it is difficult to beat England at any other ground and they should be given the T20 World Cup trophy like Chelsea should be given the English Premier League trophy this year.

Poor Performance of Indian Team in T20 World Cup

Former England batsman Kevin Pietersen on Monday backed the Indian team that is facing criticism, saying that the player is not a robot and that he should only be Pakistan and Afghanistan after the Indian team’s poor performance in the T20 World Cup all the time. Only the team can beat England.

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