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T20 World Cup 2021 Sunil Gavaskar Told The Reason For India Defeat

Team India is out of T20 World Cup. Former India cricketer Sunil Gavaskar has explained why Indian batsmen have failed to score runs against good teams and their bowlers. Gavaskar has also advised the team to improve batting and fielding. The Indian team finished third behind Pakistan and New Zealand in the group stage of the Super-12 round. The top two teams from the two groups qualified for the semi-finals.

India changed the way of playing in Powerplay

Speaking to Sports, Gavaskar said – India needs to change its way of playing in the Powerplay. It is not right to change the team too much. It is not that Team India loses many matches. The team that had to make changes. We win the match So landing with the same team will instill confidence in the players. The batsmen did not do well in the first two matches. This was the reason why India had to be out.

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Indian Batsmen Work Harder

Gavaskar said- Powerplay means in the first six overs, only two players are outside 30 yards i.e. on the boundary line. India has not been able to take advantage of this in the last few ICC tournaments. This is the reason why India cannot score runs when a good team is in front. This image has to be improved and the Indian batsmen will have to score runs in the powerplay.

Indian team learned fielding from New Zealand

Gavaskar said about fielding – Team India has only three to four good fielders. Comparing India to New Zealand, Gavaskar said there is a need to bring in players who are exceptional in fielding. The way the Kiwi team fielded, caught, and stopped runs in the T20 World Cup, was the reason for their victory. You can turn a match with exceptional fielding even if the pitch is simple. We have three to four such fielders. The rest cannot be trusted.

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