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Susannah Reid Will Mud Wrestling on Carol Werderman Love of Her Life

Carol Werderman offers Susannah Reid a “mud wrestling” However, the Good Morning Britain presenter has yet to take up the offer.

Taking to Instagram, the former

The Countdown host expressed her love for ITV judge Rob Rinder. But she said there was one person who kept trying to “steal her from him”. Carol revealed that she spent the day interviewing people for the Pride of Britain podcast. on which she is working. One of her interviewees was the “love of her life” Rob.

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She said: “Well, I’m happy to say I had a great day. Because we’re recording a lot of interviews for the Pride of Britain podcast. Did you know, we are winners of Britain’s Pride? Extraordinary? They are so special and I feel like I am learning as much from them as I am today.

“I was also, you know, interviewing the love of my life… Rob Rinder. Judge Rob Rinder.

“Susanna Reed keeps trying to take him away from me. I’ve told him I’m ready to spit mud on him. Which he hasn’t taken to me yet. That’s sad.” Susannah, 49, and Judge Rinder, 42, made their celebrity Gogglebox debut together last year, making their close friendship very public. The pair have become close friends since meeting six years ago and have enjoyed many holidays together.

Aim for ITV Favorites at least once a year

ITV favorites aim to get together at least once a year and often keep the location of their wild adventures a secret until then. until they come back. Rob has previously said: “I like to go with Susannah once a year. We have more plans to go. But I won’t say that. We both try to keep it to ourselves – Susanna and I just leave.” But go for sex!”

Susanna also talked about the holidays as she opened for you! magazine in 2018. She said: “Oh, we let our hair down! I have four days a year when I have no responsibility.”

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