Surprising Ways To Know If Your Partner Is Compatible In Love Or Not

A shared interest in online gaming, according to new research from EE. It has now emerged as an important way of determining whether you are compatible with your other half.

New Research Finds Chances Of Being Lucky In Love

New research has revealed a surprising way, online gaming, increase your chances of being lucky in love. EE’s data has shown that 28 percent of couples now regularly play together once a week. Not only that, but more than a fifth of 16- to 24-year-olds are more likely to play online games than have dinner out.

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You use star signs as signs of compatibility

And if you use star signs as a sign of compatibility, you’re now in the minority. Because more couples find it more important to share the same gaming interests. Alistair Wilson, director of devices and partnerships at EE, said: “It’s clear. Online gaming is not only growing rapidly in popularity, but it’s also playing a big role in our relationships. Couples now having face-to-face more than ever.

EE’s all-rounder plans with Valentine’s Day

And with Valentine’s Day approaching, we’re excited to offer Samsung’s latest Galaxy S23 flagship on EE’s All-Rounder plan. Xbox Games Pass Ultimate is unlocking even more gaming possibilities with inclusive extras. Helping passionate online gamers game from anywhere on EE’s unrivaled network for gaming.

Ee popular social media online gamers

EE is also looking at online gaming, as a key driver, for usage on its network to ‘peak’ over the past 12 months. And more than half of Brits say they now play games with friends since the start of the pandemic. Spend more time gaming online. To help inspire the next generation of budding gaming couples. EE has teamed up with popular social media online gamers, Adam Lin and Jesse Jackson, to release top tips on how to make the most of relationships using the power of Adi, the ultimate guide to gaming.

Be patient with each other when gaming online

Be patient with each other while gaming online and don’t get discouraged when your partner is not an expert in the same game. It’s more fun when it’s competitive so you can spend an evening teaching each other tips and tricks on your favorites. Find the right balance between online gaming together and other date nights like going to a restaurant or the movies.

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