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Suresh Raina Former Indian Cricketer Luxurious Bungalow is in Ghaziabad

Talking about Suresh Raina’s bungalow in Ghaziabad, it is very luxurious. The interior of this house is equipped with one-of-a-kind facilities. There is also such a shoe store in this house. Which looks no less than a showroom. Apart from this, things like the big living room, big room, big kitchen, etc of this house also make it more luxurious.

Retired from international cricket

Suresh Raina has retired from international cricket but his popularity in social media remains. Raina’s fans love to see him in IPL. However, in the last season, he disappointed his fans. Despite this, his fans hope that in the next season, Raina will bat amazingly and will entertain him a lot. Apart from Raina, his wife and daughter are also very popular on social media.

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Raina is often seen doing workouts

Large sofas, beautiful curtains, and big-screen TVs lying in the living room also add to its beauty. At the same time, the bedroom of Raina’s house is also not less than anywhere. His bungalow also has a big lawn where Raina is often seen doing workouts.

Raina’s house is very luxurious in Rajnagar, Ghaziabad.

Raina’s house is in the Rajnagar area of ​​Ghaziabad. According to the news, the cost of this house of his is about 18 crores. Raina lives with his entire family in this house. Along with this, Raina also has a house in Lucknow and Delhi.

There is a lot of greenery near Raina’s house and his house is surrounded by trees from all sides. For this reason, the view around his house is quite beautiful.

After saying goodbye to cricket, he was seen spreading fire in the IPL

Suresh Raina has been seen spreading fire for Chennai Super Kings in IPL after saying goodbye to international cricket on 15 August 2020. Now this will be a thing to see. That they are retained by CSK in next year’s mega auction. Or go for bidding in an open auction.

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