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Supreme Court Reprimands Kejriwal Government

The petitioner’s lawyer Vikas Singh said that we are in favor of forming a task force. Central Vista should also be banned for the time being.

Schools were closed in view of increasing pollution in the capital Delhi

Once again opened. After the opening of the school, on Monday, at many places, children were seen going to school amid the smog. At the same time, the Supreme Court has reprimanded the Kejriwal government for opening the children’s school amidst increasing pollution. In fact, the Supreme Court pulled up the Delhi government for opening the school amid rising air pollution levels in the city. SC asked the Delhi government, when the government implemented work from home for adults, why are children being forced to go to school?

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Central vista project should also be banned

At the same time, the petitioner’s lawyer Vikas Singh said that we are in favor of forming a task force. He said that for the time being the Central Vista project should also be banned. This project is not important to the health of the people. If the argument of following the rules is accepted, then the rest of the builder should also be allowed on this basis. He said that an independent flying squad should be formed which should take action on dust, old vehicles etc.

Kejriwal government only talks

At the same time, Justice Surya Kant said that I saw on the way that some people from the government’s side are standing on the road carrying the banner of pollution control. That’s why we say you only raise popular slogans. He said that we are not the leader of any opposition. Our aim is to control pollution. But the Kejriwal government only talks.

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