Supermodel Bella Hadid Posts Shocking Post Bella Says She Is Struggling With Mental Stress

Courage is not to hide the trouble and kneel with it alone.slide it under the door, but to see it, recognize it and try to fix it. The courage that Bella Hadid showed. Showing the world your tears, your pain, and your loneliness.

Bella Hadid Has Made a Shocking Post on The Social Media Handle Instagram

World famous supermodel Bella Hadid made a shocking post on her social media handle Instagram on Tuesday. In this post, Bella said that she is struggling with mental stress and seeing her pictures full of tears, fans are shocked and there is a discussion about Bella. He has shared a clip in which he is discussing the feeling of mental instability, pressure, and insecurity. With this video, Bela has shared her teary-eyed pictures. Bella has written in her post that social media is a virtual world and due to social media she is going into depression and has requested her to trust herself.

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The Gist of The Video Shared by Willow Was Like This

You can feel good or be insecure about your art. There may be thoughts that you are very good or maybe you are not. It is very easy to feel all this, but at the same time I also feel that all this has taught to us. imposed on us from outside. Every person is different, every person is unique. Everyone has something very special, very unique to give. People forget that everyone is actually feeling the same. Lost, sad, confused. He doesn’t know what it is, who it is. The sadness and worry that everyone is feeling, everyone is trying to hide that sadness and worry in some way or the other.

She Was in Stark Contrast To The Popular and Dazzling Image of a Supermodel

Along with this post, Bella also posted many of her pictures on social media, which was in complete contrast to the popular and dazzling image of her supermodel. In those pictures she is crying. His eyes are swollen. Face turned red from crying. There is sadness in the eyes. The girl who has been seen by the whole world only in fashion, makeup, and camera screen, it tells her to come openly in front of the world and accept her truth. That every person is actually feeling the same from inside. Be it a supermodel or an ordinary girl, who is struggling in everyday life. Who is alone in her battles and struggles.

What is His Advice For Dealing With Mental Health

Hadid explains, “Self-help and mental illness or chemical imbalance are not linear. It is almost like a drifting rollercoaster of obstacles. It has its ups and downs. But I want you to know that there is always light in the end. The rollercoaster always comes to a complete halt at some point.” Hadid lives a fancy lifestyle. She too is talking about her mental health struggles. She says it took her a long time to handle her situation.

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