Sunny Leone Did A Funny Dance In Lungi On Empty Road

Sunny Leone remains active in films as well as on social media. She always finds some excuse or the other to interact with the fans. Sunny Leone never disappoints the fans and often posts her dance videos on Instagram for them. She has now shared another dance video of her, in which she seen doing Lungi Dance.

Dance In A Lungi On An Empty Road

In the video, Sunny seen dancing at night wearing a lungi. She is showing her amazing dance moves on the empty road. Netizens are liking his style. They are expressing their love for the actress by commenting. The video is going viral on the internet.

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This video of Sunny is from the sets of her upcoming project ‘Oh My Ghost’, which shot in Chennai. Sharing the video, the actress wrote in the caption, ‘My favorite show from the sets of ‘Oh My Ghost’ in Chennai. Do you like our lungi dance?’

Praise For Dance

Sunny Leone’s fans sprinkle their lives on each and every act of hers. The love of fans for this video also made on seeing it. Sunny shared this video about 20 hours ago, on which more than 2.5 lakh likes have come. Let us tell you that Sunny is not only beautiful in appearance, she is also a good dancer and actress.

In the video, Sunny is dancing with many people wearing lungi. The actress seen wearing a pink shirt and a blue lungi. He has tied a handkerchief around his neck like a tapori. The moves and energy of the actress in the dance are worth watching. One user writes, ‘Strong performance’ and the other praises her beauty.

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