The Thai boxer who was traveling in the bus was mistaken for a mean girl. He did obscene acts with her. After this, the boxer taught the accused such a lesson that now no one will be able to dare to molest the girl.

Such was the condition of a man after molesting a female boxer

Women have to face manipulatives at every step. Especially in public transport, this problem of theirs increases. Something similar happened with a woman traveling on a Brazilian bus. After this, the condition of Manchale he did is worthy of praise. The woman not only taught the accused youth a lesson but also forced the driver to take the bus to the police station. So that the accused can be taken to his rightful place.

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Accused took advantage of the crowd

According to the report of ‘Daily Mail’, the accused person was not aware of this. The one he is flirting with is a Thai boxer. The incident happened when the woman was returning home from the gym. During the journey in the bus, the accused took advantage of the crowd and started doing obscene acts with the woman. The woman remained silent for some time, but when the water was above her head. Decided to teach Manchale a lesson.

first punched, then caught

The boxer first hit Manchle with a strong punch, then grabbed him by the throat from behind and took him in his clutches. The condition of the accused worsened after the woman came under the clutches. In a few seconds he fell to the ground. The most shocking thing was that when the accused was molesting the woman. None of the passengers present on the bus opposed him. Even after this, he remained a mute spectator, the little activity he showed was only to make videos.

lesson taught before

After regaining consciousness, the woman asked the driver to take the bus to the nearest police station. Police said that the accused was standing behind the woman. Later, his private part was touching the woman. The victim told that None of the passengers present on the bus helped him. On the contrary, he was busy making videos. According to the boxer, such an incident has happened to him on the bus in the past as well. Even then he broke the nose of the accused by punching him.