Such A Strange Incident Happened With This Beautiful Actress Nusrat Bharucha

Bollywood actress Nusrat Bharucha is in discussion about her new film ‘Chhori’ these days. This recently released horror film is getting good response. Nusrat Bharuccha told that she believes in paranormal activities.

I Believe in Paranormal Activity

During an interview with ETimes, Nushratt Bharuccha was asked if she believes in ghosts or has she ever felt things like paranormal activities? In response, Nusrat said that yes, I believe. Once I felt something like this in the hotel room, after which I immediately ran away from there. Bollywood actress Nusrat Bharucha is in discussion these days about her new film ‘Chori’. This recently released horror film is getting good response. Nusrat Bharuccha told that she believes in paranormal activities. She has revealed that once something strange happened to her that she had run away after leaving the hotel.

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Nusrat Always Believes in Ghosts

When the actress was asked whether she believes in ghosts, she reacted to it and said – I believe in things that I cannot see or feel, but something happens around us. It seems to me that in this universe many things happen differently but it is not so easy for a human to understand its depths. There are many wonders of nature on which it is difficult to believe. Why do we only think about how this happened? I believe in aliens too. I think they are somewhere in the universe.

When Nusrat’s Condition Got worse

I had kept my suitcase open on top of the table. But when I woke up in the morning everything was not the same. The briefcase was lying down and clothes were scattered on the floor. This cannot happen by itself. Had he fallen from the table, his positioning would not have been the same. But he had fallen down on the same position, which only a human can lift and keep it down. And there was no one there. I remember well I had put the suitcase on the table. Then it was a bit shocking to find him below. This was very strange. There was something that was not normal. As soon as I realized this, I came out of the hotel in 30 seconds. This was scary. My staff also said that we should leave this place. Then we immediately left from there.

Something Strange Happened in The Hotel Room

Nusrat Bharuccha told, ‘I had gone to Delhi for the shoot and there I was staying in a hotel room. Then I felt a bit strange. The hotel room had a small wardrobe area to hang clothes and a table to keep suitcases. I had opened my suitcase on the table and when I woke up it was not as it was. The suitcase was put down in the same position, but the clothes were scattered all over the floor, which could not happen on its own.

Nusrat Had Run Away After Saving her Life From The Hotel

Nusrat Bharuccha told that it was very strange and different to be like this in the room. He said, ‘If the suitcase had fallen from the table, it would have been reversed. Not in the same position. I didn’t feel anything normal there. I told this to my staff. The staff came and checked the room and said that ma’am, we should leave from here. After this I ran for my life within 30 seconds.

Audience Liked ‘Chhori’

Let us inform that Nushrat Bharucha’s film ‘Chhori’ has been released on OTT platform Amazon Prime Video on 26 November. This film is an adaptation of Marathi movie Lapachhapi. The film is directed by Vishal Furia. Nusrat is getting a lot of praise for acting in the film. Earlier, Nusrat Bharuccha was seen in the film ‘Chhalaang’, in which she worked with Rajkummar Rao.

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