Stranger Things Producer Marvel Star Gemma Chan In Netflix Time Travel Series

Eternal star Gemma Chan and Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy are teaming up for a new genre project. On Thursday, it was announced. Via The Hollywood Reporter That Netflix and Levi’s Are Developing 21 Laps The Moon Representative My Heart A mini-series inspired by Pim Wangtekwat’s upcoming debut novel of the same name.

Following the British-Chinese family

This limited series will be part of an overall 21-laps deal with the streamer. Including current hit series like Stranger Things. Peace is expected that he will executive produce and star in the series. Which follows a British-Chinese family with a secret ability to time travel. After the parents disappear, their son and daughter periodically search for them as they become adults.

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Levy and Josh Barry will executive produce The Moon Representative My Heart through 21 Laps. And the project will be overseen by the company’s senior VP Emily Morris along with manager Moira Sinai.

Captain Marvel before playing Cersei in the film

Chan, whose filmography also includes Human and Crazy Rich Asians. Have recently become a regular fixture in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Joe was portraying Min-Erva in Captain Marvel before taking on the role of Cersei in last year’s Eternal film. However, no direct follow-up to Eternals has been announced in these months. Chan has confirmed that she will return as Cersei. And has technically expressed his excitement about being in the franchise twice.

I feel very lucky

“I’m so lucky it’s my second time. I feel so lucky,” Chan told Coupe de Men magazine. “It came as a surprise to me as much as probably to everyone else, but I feel so lucky to be a part of this film and amongst this incredible, talented cast. I definitely look forward to coming back.” I wasn’t when I was promoting Crazy Rich Asians.

A Screen Test for Cersei

Then met Kevin Feige on the awards circuit. And he came up to me and said, ‘Oh, we liked your work in the film, and we’d love to have you back.’ And I thought he was good. I thought: ‘Who knows if this will ever happen? And maybe sometime in the distant future… you never know.’ I didn’t expect to be called in. I did a screen test for Cersei quite late in the game. This surprised me But I was really happy to get the call. I was a fan of the MCU before joining in; I never even dreamed that I would be a part of it.

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