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Stock up on Food Items in China President Xi Jinping Rhetoric House

A lot is happening in China right now. The world is feeling very awkward. People have been asked to collect essential items at home. President Xi Jinping has also not left the country for a long time.

food stock in china

There is a lot of stir in China at this time. To prevent coronavirus in the country, people are being imprisoned in their homes. Tensions are rising with Taiwan and rhetoric about President Xi Jinping has intensified. In all of these, the world’s attention is on President Xi Jinping the most. Because he has not left the country for the last 22 months. Jinping is connecting to global conferences only via video link. Surprisingly, he was also missing from the COP26 climate conference held in Glasgow.

US President Joe Biden’s reaction unfolds

Joe Biden said that Xi Jinping made a ‘big mistake’ by not attending G20, COP26. That’s why the concern of the people increased. China told its citizens Keep the food items collected at home. Chinese citizens believe that their country can wage war against Taiwan, so all this is being done. There is a lot of discussion about this on the social media platform Weibo. However, the government has cited other reasons behind this as the reason.

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food shortage

Whatever be the reason, a large number of people are reaching the market in the country to buy salt, sugar, and other items including kerosene. Due to this, there has been a shortage of many goods in many parts of the country. In many states, the local authorities are struggling hard to maintain the supply and normalize the prices of things. To control, the Ministry of Finance of China asked people to collect food items at home only in times of emergency. The Chinese government says that due to the coronavirus epidemic and unseasonal rains, the prices of vegetables and other goods are expected to increase.

Media made a list of goods

The local media has prepared a list, in which it has been told which items are to be stored in the house. This includes biscuits, quick noodles, vitamin pills, rodeos, and flashlights. After scaring the people, the Economic Daily, which is backed by the Communist Party of China, told the people that there was no need to rush so much. He said that this was said so that people do not face any kind of problem in the event of a lockdown. Apart from this, the reason behind Xi Jinping’s hiding for 22 months is being told to the coronavirus.

China infiltrating Taiwan

Tensions between China and Taiwan have increased for some time. China is continuously infiltrating Taiwan’s airspace and sending its fighter planes there. Meanwhile, President Xi Jinping also said that Taiwan will be included in China peacefully. Countering his statement, Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen said. China cannot decide our fate. He said with a warning. If China attacked, it would be a very frightening event. But it does not seem that China will be able to do anything against Taiwan for the coming few years.

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