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Statement Hitman Rohit Sharma Told What it Takes to Play for IPL and India

Rohit Sharma, the new limited-overs captain of the Indian cricket team, has given a statement on the difference between playing for IPL and Team India. He says that a player gets at least 14 matches in IPL. But it is not decided when playing for India.

IPL’s most successful captain Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma, the most successful captain of the Indian Premier League (IPL), explained how there is a big difference between playing IPL and playing for Team India. Mumbai Indians have won five IPL titles under Rohit’s captaincy. Rohit said that there is a whole season to play IPL and players can rest easy considering this. That they will get to play at least 13-14 matches. But when you play for Team India. So the rivalry is great. You can be out of the team due to some bad match.

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A player gets at least 14  matches in IPL

Talking during an event, Rohit Sharma said that players have a full season to play IPL, players can rest assured that they will get an opportunity to play at least 13-14 matches. At the same time, when you play for India at the international level, there is a lot of competition. Your poor performance in some matches can get you out of the team. When Cricket historian Boria Majumdar asked him that winning IPL and Asia Cup is the same. But do you see yourself winning the World Cup trophy?

Different roles of players for IPL and India

During the conversation, Rohit Sharma further said, when you play in the IPL, the role of the players is different. Whereas when you play for India at the international level, his role is different. According to Hitman, I agree that IPL is very good, but don’t focus too much on it, when you want to play for India, you have to pay more attention to it, in IPL you get 13-14 matches and you have to play for India. Know not to drop from the team,

Rohit Sharma told when he talked about playing for Team India

Players have different roles. When he plays for Team India. So their role is different. People have to understand that IPL is very good. But don’t pay too much attention to his performance. When you talk about playing for Team India, it is more important.

Players come to play in different batting positions in IPL

You get 16-17 matches in IPL. And you know you won’t drop from this team. But this is not the situation in Team India. There is pressure on you from the very first ball. Here you come down to play in a different batting position. You only get three matches. Three matches in a bilateral series, a maximum of five matches. Then there is the rotation policy.

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