Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Sixteen Rouyer As Newest Rookie For 2023 Issue

Model and influencer Sixtine Ruere is hoping to bring body neutrality to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit after being announced as the newest rookie for its 2023 issue.

She Told The Publication

“I love my body and I love my curves, and I appreciate all of those things. But I don’t have to appreciate those specific beautiful things. So that I can appreciate my body What does it allow me to do? She told the publication.”Our bodies are not meant to look a certain way or be aesthetic. They are there to provide for us and allow us to live our lives.

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25-Year-Old With That Mission in Mind

The 25-year-old has been modeling seriously for seven years with that mission in mind. In 2020, she turned to TikTok to create content that spreads her message and normalizes more transgender body representation.

There are so Many Models and so Many ads on Social Media

“I think there are so many models and so many ads out there on social media, a lot of it is fake and not realistic. And I really don’t want the industry to be like that,” she explained. “I’ve always said that I’ve never wanted to be just a pretty face as a model. I really hope that people see themselves when they see me.

Rouyer Focused on Loving Different Parts of Herself

More than anything, Rouyer wants people to feel compelled to be positive about it all the time. Without being able to feel comfortable in your body. So instead of focusing on loving the different parts of herself, Rouyer has worked to accept them.

The Woman at Some Point Feels Like

As a woman, I understand what it’s like to hate my body. As I imagine every woman feels that way at some point. And this pressure to be a certain size and look a certain way and have a flat stomach. But even though its hips and an ass, it’s crazy what we’re asked to do with our bodies,” she said. “You almost feel this guilt, because you don’t love yourself enough.

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