Spelljammer Adventures in Space Review

Spelljammer is a return to the advanced Dungeons & Dragons setting in a sense. Whereas since the 30+ years between the release of Spelljammer: Adventures in Space there have been many changes. Wants to take the high fantasy of Dungeons & Dragons and inject some fresh sci-fi into the theme. How well does Spelljammer manage to create a sense of space adventure for so many familiar games?

Three separate books in Spelljammer as opposed to the setting release

Unlike previous setting releases, Spelljammer consists of three separate books. But all are included in the same purchase. The Astral Adventurer’s Guide is full of information for the DM and players to understand the new player race, Boo’s Astral Menagerie has stat blocks for friendly creatures and scary enemies. Light of Xerxes is a campaign for players and DMs to get right into the action.

What is required of players? It’s a great idea to quickly separate the information between what’s important for the DM to keep to himself, and what’s needed for combat. This improves table dynamics and makes the DM feel less worried about the player’s eyes wandering through whatever is interesting.

Something useful on the DM screen

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The last addition to this collection is a DM screen with additional information. Whom you want to DM track. Some useful information on this DM screen includes various tasks that players may need to complete on the ship or random encounters. Which they will run in space. All this information is great for any adventure in the astral ocean and can generate random fun for the players.

Wildspacer A hard left turn out of it

Two different backgrounds are introduced in the Astral Adventurer’s Guide. Astral Drifter and Wildspacer. Astral Drifter is the equivalent of a hermit, located in the middle of the Astral Sea. With this, they meet a deity. Gain magical abilities. Wildspacer is a hard left turn from this where your character takes on the role of someone who has seen some stuff in Wildspace and the Astral sea and comes out rudely from it. These two have some great background for your DMs to connect with. Whether it’s your chance to revisit your chosen deity on your adventures, or if you’re the forever victim that left you with a diabolical trail.

Hippo people and the start of the plasmoid slime race

Six different player races are introduced in Spelljammer. These are all wildly unique and the alien character races continue to expand, introducing the Hadozhi, a race of simian creatures, the Gif, a hippo people for firearms, and the plasmoid slime race.

It’s good to build a bridge between the worlds of fantasy

There’s some more fun to be had in the returning classes, including Astral Elves and Auto-Gnomes. The changes here are minor. Things like Phi Step are being savored to disappear in the twinkling lights. It’s nice to bridge the gap between high fantasy worlds so that Dungeons & Dragons fans can feel safe in the distant world of Spelljammer.

The Astral Adventurer’s Guide includes sixteen different types of spelljammer ships

Moving away from the more general choices of what race you want to play and what the background of the spelljammer character might be is the next section of this book, where the story begins to be devoted to what a spelljammer is, the various ships available for parties. . to choose from, and how they work. The Astral Adventurer’s Guide includes sixteen different types of spelljammer ships. Each equipped with their own weapons, layout and stats, you can use the information found in this section when dealing with your party on the board.

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