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South Korea Bans Dog Meat

South Korea’s President Moon Jae In believes. Eating dog meat should be banned in the country. Dogs now being seen as companions in the country. And in this episode, this step can be taken to stop cruelty against them.

South Korea bans dog meat

South Korea said on Thursday. He will constitute a task force to consider outlawing the eating of dog meat. It is worth noting that the country’s President Moon Jae-in had offered to consider changing this age-old habit of eating dog meat in the country about two months ago.

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people don’t like restrictions

In fact, restaurants selling dog meat in South Korea are on the verge of closure. Because the youth is not much like eating dog meat. The trend of keeping pets (dogs and cats etc.) is also increasing. Despite this, this has come to the fore in a recent survey. Even though people do not eat dog meat, but more and more people are against banning it.

pet dog trend

Now not only the social workers, the youth population is also going against this tradition. At the same time, Moon said to the Prime Minister, ‘Isn’t the time now? Stop eating dog meat?’ The trend of pet dogs is increasing in the country. Moon himself has brought home several dogs. Adopting dogs also included in his campaign pledge. He has saved many dogs. Moon made the decision after discussions about abandoned pet dogs and their registration. Now is the time to stop eating meat.

Plan prepared to know the views of the public

A joint statement issued by 7 departments of the government including the Ministry of Agriculture said. It decided to constitute a group of officers, civil/civilian experts and people associated with the concerned organizations. Who can give their views and recommendations on the possibilities of banning dog meat? The statement said that the administration will also collect information from dog farms, restaurants, and other places. The views of the public in this regard will be known.

so many dogs are killed annually

According to Joe Yangbang, general secretary of the Association of Dog Farmers, about 1 to 1.5 million dogs are killed every year in South Korea for food purposes. 10-20 years ago their number was several lakhs. At present, thousands of farmers in the country breed 10 to 20 lakh dogs every year to get meat.

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