Sonakshi Sinha Is Also Going To Be The Bride Who Is The Bridegroom

For a few days, there were reports of actress Sonakshi Sinha and Notebook actor Zaheer Iqbal dating. But in an interview, Zaheer Iqbal talked about Sonakshi and the news of his affair.

Sonakshi Sinha and ‘Notebook’ actor Zaheer Iqbal are dating each other

Sonakshi Sinha and ‘Notebook’ actor Zaheer Iqbal are making a lot of headlines these days. Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal have known each other for a long time.

Sonakshi shared Zaheer Iqbal’s picture on social media for the first time

Sonakshi Sinha and ‘Notebook’ actor Zaheer Iqbal met because of Salman Khan. Since then both have been in the headlines for a long time. He too has kept silent about this relationship.
But for the first time, Sonakshi has shared Zaheer Iqbal’s pictures on social media. Since then, the fans of both are very desperate about this relationship.

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Sonakshi has also written a special post

Since then people have started talking about their relationship. Let us tell you that Dabang Girl Sonakshi Sinha and ‘Notebook’ actor Zaheer Iqbal have been in the discussion about their relationship for a long time.

Sonakshi and Zaheer keep silence on their dating rumours

There have been reports for a long time that something is going on between the two. But Sonakshi and Zaheer have kept silent on their dating rumors. Apart from this, Zaheer also clarified this. When he came to know that the news of their dating had come on the media, he first talked to Sonakshi about this. Sonakshi and Zaheer laughed a lot after reading this news because both of them did not know. This can happen as well. At the same time, Zaheer also told us that he was dating someone whom Sonakshi knows, so it was strange for us to hear the news of our affair.

Apparently Iqbal had a birthday on 10th December

Sonakshi Sinha made it more special by sharing a post. Sonakshi has shared two pictures. He wrote- ‘Happy birthday to the most annoying person in the world. You are also the best person in the world. How could this happen? how are you like that? Thank you for being born. Happy Birthday. Bye.’ Sonakshi Sinha has also used it with this.

Commenting on this post of Sonakshi, Zaheer wrote

But she is my best friend’. Along with this, he also made many emojis. In a separate comment, Zaheer wrote. Can I officially call you my heroine now.’ Since this comment, the fans are confident that both can also get married soon.

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